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Maximize Yield with Better Data

Vigilistics' YieldPro™ automatically monitors and records the flows of product through your plant, while it captures critical records relied on by your production and quality managers.

Vigilistics YieldPro™ automatically records every parameter for every step in your production process, and it summarizes this information into a production record. View the results “live” to guide critical real time decisions and monitor each batch while it is being made. Integrate with LIMs data to re-factor yield based on quality data. Use exception reports, visualizations and advanced analytics to gain insight into process variances that impact quality and yield.

  • Collect, store and report batch details
  • Inspection Record for every production Unit used in the operation
  • Variance analysis on material loss areas, with exception reporting
  • Real-time dashboard interfaces with analytics threads
  • Industry and enterprise benchmarking metrics
Automate record keeping on bulk receiving and load-out, and electronically record key information needed in your compliance, quality and production systems. Record quality tests, declared weight versus measured and analyze by supplier over time.
Generate an inspection report for any unit, visualize trend data on parameters such as temperature, level, product, product quality, and other key process parameters.
Gain transparency into loss analysis for a product, area or component ingredient, and manage variances. Integrate a special purpose module, such as statistical weights with blow mold, to measure compliance and variances more precisely.
Create daily dashboard providing transparency into things like supplier quality data, parameter based yield analysis, and overall efficiency. Graphic visualizations over time of parameters, trends, resources and efficiencies.
Benchmark performance on key parameters, create range based exceptions, and monitor variations across to improve consistency, quality and yield.
Get your data visualized in clear dynamic tables, diagrams etc. – with the click of a button. With just a few clicks, users can create and navi-gate intuitively in the most advanced analyses. All objects in an analysis are dynamically inter¬related, and with a single click on a dimension in an object, this dimension will be adapted as a criterion to other objects in the analysis.


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