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Solutions for Data-Driven Manufacturing

Enhanced Visibility. Greater Knowledge. Increased Control.

Keeping your food and beverage process manufacturing facility running safely and profitably is harder than ever, thanks to 24/7 production cycles and increasing regulations and requirements. Executives and operators must consider new processes and technologies to remain competitive and stay ahead of the regulatory curve. While regulatory penalties are a risk, the real danger is a product recall that inflicts lasting damage on your brand and company. To operate safely and efficiently requires visibility, knowledge, and control — a data-driven approach.

At Vigilistics we're transforming the way food and beverage operations use manufacturing data. Our solutions deliver actionable real-time intelligence to operations managers and senior executives, using a novel and patented data model that unlocks an ability to configure data collection to the nuances of each plant, and monitor every process step and parameter the same way, without using highly technical engineering resources. This is what we mean by 'data-driven manufacturing'. Learn more about them by visiting the links below.


The only FDA-validated paperless system to monitor, record and analyze Clean-in-Place processes in your plant or service organization.

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Accelerate pre-op inspections, create and store 'audit-ready' electronic records, and monitor the performance of lines, units, and operators.

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Automate record keeping on bulk receiving and load-out, and electronically record key information needed to track mateirals throughout your facility.

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Automatically monitor and record the flows of product through your plant, to trace product forward and backward from any point in the process.

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Can Your Brand Afford a Product Recall?

The average cost of a recall to a food company is $10 million. Learn how to avoid a recall, in our white paper: "The High Cost of a Product Recall"