Vigilistics has been acquired by SafetyChain Software
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At Vigilistics we're transforming food and beverage manufacturing, with patented software solutions that monitor, record and analyze the huge volumes of hard-to-reach process data, to deliver actionable real-time intelligence to managers. Our FDA-validated software is now helping some of the largest food and beverage manufacturers in the world — including Nestle, Kroger, Dean Foods, and more — to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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Now View Swab & Lab Test Results Inside InspectionPro

With Vigilistics new InspectionPro™ application you can use a PC, tablet or smartphone to manage your inspections more effectively. Capture your entire inspection process electronically and securely, with reporting and analytics that can help drive continuous improvement. And now, swab and lab test results from major providers such as Hygiena and Charm Sciences are integrated into InspectionPro’s powerful analytics and reporting, to give you a comprehensive view of sanitization performance. So now you can be 'audit-ready' anytime, all the time.

InspectionPro™ Key Features:

  • Intuitive 'one-click' interface streamlines inspection process
  • Easy import of swab and lab test results data, with integrated analytics
  • Track equipment, deficiencies, corrective actions, and operator performance
  • Comprehensive electronic inspection reports, to streamline audits
  • Mobile-friendly design; access anywhere
  • Analytics to drive quality and continuous process improvement
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Announcing SanitizationPro™ 5.0

The newest version of our award-winning SanitizationPro™ has arrived. With enhancements to existing capabilities, and powerful new features, SanitizationPro makes it even easier to get the detailed insights you need to manage your CIP process effectively.

What's new in SanitizationPro 5.0?

  • Dashboard and Live View
  • 'At Condition' Wash Reports
  • Improved Titration: root cause, retest
  • Regulatory Inspection Package creation
  • Analytics: detailed performance monitoring
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Now Save Up to 35% When You Deploy Vigilistics Across Your Enterprise

You already know that Vigilistics’ analytics software offers a compelling ROI. Now the Vigilistics Enterprise Purchasing Program makes buying Vigilistics products faster, easier and cheaper for organizations with at least two facilities, by establishing common terms and discounts for your entire organization.

Key Features:

  • Any qualified product purchase earns the same discount for all eligible products and select services.
  • Discounts are set by VEPP level, apply for two years, and may be increased and extended with a qualified renewal order.
  • CRegister once, and manage procurement across multiple facilities.
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Can Your Brand Afford a Product Recall?

The average cost of a recall to a food company is $10 million. Learn how to avoid a recall, in our white paper: "The High Cost of a Product Recall"